[SOLVED] Prevent execution of command

is it possible with a rule to prevent the execution of a command?
For example, I have zwave rollershutter that if the alarm is ON (I have a sensor that get me the current state of the alarm) even if I push the rollershutter button or with the paper-ui, doesn’t execute the command (because of the alarm)

You have to create a Proxy Item and a Rule to check for the alarm before sending the command on to the “real” Item. Use the Proxy Item in your rules and on your sitemaps. You can’t do anything like this with PaperUI.

but is it working even if I push the real button of the zwave rollershutter? I mean if I push the physical button the proxy will detect it?

Depends on your device. Fibaro devices are “hard wired” to the command: if you push the button, it will do the command (and secondly notify OH with the change). The reason is that it will still work, even if OH is down.