[SOLVED] Problem Updating Items State into myopenhab


I´m having problems to get my items showed into myopenhab. I get my openhab online into myopenhab.org and can access to my dashboard from other network but my Items still not beeing showed…

I have search during the last month into openhab community talks and found some topics (see Myopenhab.org items not showing) pretty similar to my problem, talking about a server down, iFTTT problems and so on… But since August there is no update into this topic and I just find strange that the hole openhab server still down…

Can anybody help me?

Thank you in advance, I´m glad to post my second question into the community after 2 years using the community which helped me with each problem that I faced.

  1. Do not expose Items to myopenhab.org unless you are actively using them with IFTTT. IFTTT is the only reason to ever expose Items to myopenhab.org so they show up there.

  2. That feature is currently turned off because all the people exposing all their Items needlessly is causing super heavy loads on the myopenhab.org servers resulting in down times. So no new Items can be added to myopenhab.org for IFTTT until a fix is found and implemented. Indeed this has remained turned off since August.

So, if you are not using IFTTT, stop. You are done. It works and you can move on. But first please remove the Items from the Cloud Connector config.

If you do need to use IFTTT with Items that you haven’t already shared with myopenhab.org prior to August, you will need to wait until the problem is fixed and there is an announcement that the feature is reactivated. Or set up an alternative which I think there is a tutorial posted in the thread you linked to.

The server is not down. Just that one feature that lets one expose Items to IFTTT is turned off. If the server was down, nothing would work.

Hello Rich,

thank you for your answer. Now I can understand better what is going on.

I didn´t know that the only reason to “link”/expose items into myopenhab.org is to use them with IFTTT and unfortunately that is what I was trying to do…

I´ll wait until a solution is found and in the mind time I´ll delete the links which are not working to avoid any problem whit the server load once it came back.
Where can I track the status of this issue? Is there some community topic to inform the people about the status of this issue and possible solutions?

Thank you very much!

I would expect there to be a separate announcement thread made and the topic you linked to be be updated when it is turned back on.