[SOLVED] Problem with Association Group for Z-Wave device

Hi everyone,
I have a Neo Coolcam Power Plug, z-wave device, that I have associated in OH2 with a Z-Wave.Me USB controller.

The device is present into the database (here), and it is discovered during the binding.

I can control the device with no problems, I can switch the plug on and off, but it doesn’t send any measurements (Watts, kWh, Volts, etc.).

It seems that the Association Group 1 is not assigned to OpenHab Controller, and if I try to assign it manually via Paper UI or HABmin it seems to do so but it doesn’t store it.

What can I do to debug this problem?

It turns out that the version of the Z-Wave binding that I was running (2.2.0) had a bug, which has been resolved in latest snapshots.

Once installed, I had no problems with setting the Association Group