[SOLVED] Problem with handling discrete dimming of Ikea Floalt Led Panels

Hi there, I got today Ikea Floalt (60x60) led panel and bound it successfully to Openhab via Zigbee binding. Level control and switch works well.

However, controlling color temperature using standard dimmer item does not work at all. I suspect this is due to discrete nature of Floalt color temperature. There is just 3 different color temperatures the light can have. It is not analog color temperature which is the case with Ikea Trådfi bulbs.

Tried to search if anyone has faced same issue but didn’t find anything related. I wonder if it is somehow possible to get dimming to work.

In events log I can see normal state changes of dimmer item but this doesn’t reflect to led panel. Any idea how to troubleshoot more?

Hmmm, because of panel is so cool I went back to Ikea to buy new one. And guess what? Controlling color temperature works without problem with new one. For now it seems this is not OpenHab related issue at all. Investigation goes on…

In case anyone has same issue here comes resolution: Standard reset process of Ikea lights did the trick. And by the way, color temperature dimming is not discrete as they say in product description but it is analog instead.