[SOLVED] Problem with rule and Unit "W/m²"

I want to use SunTotal_Radiation in a rule.

        if ( SunTotal_Radiation.state < 100|W/m² ) {
            // SunSouthSide.postUpdate(ON)
            logInfo("SunAzimuth", "6")

But I get the following error.

2018-09-25 21:49:08.581 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model 'rollos.rules' has error
s, therefore ignoring it: [25,47]: no viable alternative at input 'm²'

It is working for other units like °.

if ( SunAzimuth.state > 170|°) {

I guess the / is the problem and need to be excaped in some kind.
I tried "W/m²" and W\/m² wothout success.

Never mind.

It looks like "W/m²" does work!