[SOLVED] Problems detecting a network device

I have some trouble showing/using the status of a network device (e.g. a phone for presence detection)

I have a device defined and the channel is Contact “network:device:192_168_1_120:online”
However if in my itemsfile I define:

String ENC28J60 "ENC28J60 is [%s]" <network> (Machines) { channel="network:device:192_168_1_120:online" }
no network status info shows up.
ofcourse if i do:
Contact Contact ENC28J60 "ENC28J60 is [%s]" <network> (Machines) { channel="network:device:192_168_1_120:online" }
A switch shows up and I can set a fictious on or off with that switch but that has no relation to the actual status of the device.
If I just look at the device in my Paper UI under ‘Things’ it shows the online status
I know many people do this so I feel a bit stupid that I can’t get it to work, but where do i go wrong?
I just want a line in my interface that says wether it is online or not

OK hold your horses, it might be solved. I think I was too impatient. I think there might be a 5 min polling time for updates.
Suddenly I see some action :slight_smile:

Oops, not fully solved.
Some network devices react, others don’t, eventhough IP’s are allright
Phone gives proper status
raspberry gives proper status
EnC28J60 does not
OK, I am going to dive into this a bit more and report back, but if anybody in the mean time has some suggestions, I a, always open to that

OK Solved
It seemed that my binding to ENC28J60 was no longer correct. eventhough seemingly it was showing online status at as the picture shows, and though I thought I had assigned a steady IP, it turned up at another ip number.
Corrected that and works as expected now.

mea culpa mea maxima culpa.

Well, maybe not totally solved, the ENC28j60 repeats going offline and then online again at ‘random’.
I am not sure, but an arduino with ENC28J60 has to do lot of stuff, maybe sometimes too busy to reply to the poll from openhab