[SOLVED] Problems installing Z-Wave sticke (Aeotec 5Gen)


This is my configuration:

  • Raspi 3B
  • OpenHAB 2.5.0
  • Aeotec Z-Wave stick 5. Generation

For installation of my Z-Wave stick I shutdown my Raspi and plugged in the Z-Wave stick and started the raspi again. The Z-Wave stick is blinking red - blue - yellow.
Then in PaperUI I installed the Z-Wave binding, tail tells me:

Extension ‘binding-zwave’ has been installed

Under things I wanted to configure it but there is no z-wave thing. I read there should be a ‘Z-Wave Serial Controller’ under things - but it is not.

Then I restarted the openhab service. Tail shows now:

Extension ‘binding-zwave’ has been uninstalled

  • What I am missing? Do I have to install it in a different way?
  • Why the z-wave binding gets uninstalled every time I restart the openhab service?

Any help is appreciated, thanks…

You need to manually create this thing - it will not be automatically created for you.

Hi Chris,

thanks for reply - thanks that helped, I have now the ‘Z-Wave serial controller’ in my things and could successfully set it up.

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