[SOLVED] Problems with brandnew Fibaro FGR223 Roller Shutter 3

When I tried to install one of the new Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 on the Zwave 2.5. Snapshot, I ran into a few problems / questions that I hope I can get answers to:

  1. I did not find the device in the “list of supported devices” in the ZWave Binding documentation. Where do I have to look?
  2. After including the device, it showed three different “Switch-Dimmer” channels. Its predecessor had a “Blinds-Control” channel. Is the channel definition of the new device actually correct?
  3. I ran calibration a number of times (via setting the parameter 150 to “force device calibration”. It seems to have performed the calibration correctly (i.e. moving blinds up, then down and then up again), but it did not update parameter 150 to “device calibrated” as it should after successfull calibration.
    … and when operating the device, it does not operate correctly on the dimmer slider. the slider icon jumps left and right when using the slider and the movement of the blinds is almost unpredictable.

Looking for clues … thanks for your help


If it isn’t listed, you can use the XML file the generated by the binding to add it. Or one of us on the forum can help get it added. Adding a new device usually only takes a couple of days to show up in the snapshots.

FGR223 appears to be in the database: https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/983

It was last updated 21 days ago so you might need to be running OH 2.5 M1 to get the latest.

I can’t help with anything else except to say that if it you have any Channels at all and it isn’t listed as “Unknown device” in the Thing then the device is successfully identified by the binding.

Try using a Rollershutter itemtype in your items definition and a Switch itemtype in your sitemap definition. Gives nice up/down/stop buttons. Slider items should be used for lights, not for rollershutters.

it seems like the Rollershutter itemtype does not work with the switch_dimmer channel that is available with the FGR223 (strange thing is the the FGR222 actually had a blinds_control channel that works with the Rollershutter itemtype.
Anyway, here is how I got it work in the end:

Dimmer F1_Gallery_South_Shutter
    { channel="zwave:device:512:node17:switch_dimmer"}


Default item=F1_Gallery_South_Shutter label="Rolladen-Südseite"            icon="blinds"
Switch item=F1_Gallery_South_Shutter  label="Rolladen-Südseite"      icon="blinds"
                            mappings=[0="AUF", 100="ZU"]

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Interesting: so you are saying the “slider” works if used with an element type “Default” and does not work with an element type “Slider”?

Using “Default” or “Slider” in Sitemap does not make a difference. Item type “Rollershutter” does not work with the channel-type “switch_dimmer”. I had to use a Dimmer in the items definition.

I did a lot of trial and error today, e.g. manually calibrating the thing again and playing with different item-types, both in the item file and in the sitemap. At the end, I found a working solution, fortunatly.

No, what I meant is: does the slider work now (as you posted this as a working solution)?

Yes, the slider works fine now.
Here is my thinking on why it works now:
Initially, I tried to calibrate the FGR223 via setting parameter 150 to “force device calibration”. It actually perfomed the shutter movements up and down but it DID NOT update parameter 150 to “device calibrated” and it DID NOT update the parameters 156 and 157 (time to move up/down) accordingly, as it should, based on the FGR223 manual. Thus these parameters were still the default values, which are completely off.
Then, I calibrated manually, i.e. measured to up/down times and changed to parameters 156 and 157 accordingly - also set parameter 150 to “device calibrated”.
With this, it works now. The slider can be used to position the shutter.

Now, question is: why did the parameters not get updated after the “forced calibration”? Is this a firmware problem, or a binding problem?

For me, the calibration works as expected. I think it’s not necessary to set 157/157 to any other value than default if i do auto calibration via 150. The blind goes up, down and up again an then stops and after that done, the blind moves exactly and with repetitious accuracy to the position given by the slider. I think the module sets the parameter 150 by itself internally to “device calibrated” without reporting it to the UI.
My problem is now, that reporting of the current blind position back to the slider value goes wrong or is missing.

I think I have the same problem. The FGR223 operates correctly but the %-position of the blinds is not correctly reported back to Openhab. Do you have any further insight into the cause of this issue? Example: Blinds move down completely, but %-value is 93%.

No further insight so far, i spent lots of hours working around this behaviour, but no luck. Users of other home automation solutions (domoticz, open-zwave) reported the same issue with FGR223. My conclusion is that it can’t be fixed by settings or by a binding update, only with firmware update. But firmware updates are available solely to Fibaro HC users. Because buying a HC is no way for me, I decided to go for some Qubino Flush Shutters which works perfect.

You culd write a rule that will send a REFRESH command to the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 x seconds after a command has been received, where x should represent the maximum roller shutter travel time (usually from fully DOWN to fully UP) plus a couple seconds. This way, the position will be reported to OH2 through the Z-Wave binding.

This also works for roller shutters that don’t report their position at all (as some Fakro blinds).

Also check the firmware version of your Fibaro Roller Shutter unit. I’m on Firmware v5.1.

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