[SOLVED] Pushover: Method failed: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

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my Name is Peter and I am new to OpenHAB but I am already addicted. Until now I found everything over Forum and the search, but I have a Problem which bothers me a lot.

I use pushover for my Information (e.g. from Homematic), but I cannot get this to work with OpenHAB

I installed pushover over Paper UI and my pushover.cfg is as follows:

defaultUser=<my user>

When using

sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("test message"))

the error is always:

2018-10-04 16:03:05.939 [WARN ] [ab.action.pushover.internal.Pushover] - Method failed: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request.

Is someone able to help me find my mistake?

Thank you very much

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Sorry - please don’t kill me, but the error was easy to solve.

I had a typo in defaultToken. I hope someone with the same error message will find this post.

Best regards

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I have tried so many versions of settings to get pushover working, they all fail with the same " ```
Method failed: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request.

Can some one post working examples please so I can cross check?