[SOLVED] Putty Fatal Error: "Server Unexpectedly Closed Connection"


So I finally set up my openHABian server last night, and was working fine. I SSHed into it and got timezone configured, and when I rebooted, I could no longer SSH into it. The web interface still looks and works fine, and upon checking the log, there were quite a few warnings and a big red error. Now, I don’t speak openHABian log, but I have a feeling that it could have to do with these errors. I included a photo of the log below, so could anyone tell me what they mean and help me solve my SSH problem?

Just for reference, I used the MK-Smarthouse setup guide for installing and running.

Thanks in advance!

Assuming you didn’t change it what user name and password are you using?

For…? I have lots of User/passwords for the system

To connect via SSH to openhab.

default, um, but I’m a little embarrassed to say this now, but I had the wrong default port in putty. I literally just fixed it.


Thanks anyway.

You may already know this but you can use the “saved sessions” and name OH anything you want along with the IP and port info entered, click save. Now when you want to use Putty just click on the name you gave OH in Putty and click load. No more entering IP and port.

Sometimes a pic is best to explain. I have OH named openhabian.

Mmm, thanks, that will certainly come in handy.

Thanks a lot,