(Solved) Qubino Flush 1D Relay ZMNHNDx - Z-Wave database mistake

OH 3.0.1

I believe that there is mistake in the Z-Wave data base for the Qubino Flush 1D Relay ZMNHNDx .

manufacturerId = 0159
manufacturerRef = 0002:0053
dbReference = 207

Parameters 11 and 12 for automatic turning ON and OFF, can be set only to ON or OFF when it should be possible to enter an integer value from 0 to 32535.
These numbers determine the amount of seconds (or milliseconds according to the setting of parameter 15) after which the relay should turn it self automatically ON or OFF.)

In OH 2.5 it was possible to set these parameters correctly but in OH. 3.0 they can be set only to ON or OFF which renders this facility inoperable.

For the remaining functions the device is working fine.

Is anyone else facing the same problem ?

Is there any chance to find a solution to this problem.

I tried to set the correct properties of the module using an openHAB 2.5 installation but the the same (wrong) options appear also in openHAB 2.5 (when they were OK before in openHAB 2.5).

This means that the wrong information is stored in the controller after installation of openHAB 3.0.

Most probably a mistake in the database or the Z-Wave binding.

The binding gets its information from the database. I discovered yesterday that the OH3 database entries were about 3 weeks behind die to some repo changes. The next snapshot binding for OH3 should match the 2.5 database.

Thanks for the reply. Will update to next snapshot as soon as available.