[Solved] Query: What cable to run for IP security camera?

I have yet to decide on a security camera.

However, it will be some 25x plus zoom PTZ type, potentially HIKvision, which I want to integrate with OH. Everything runs on Linux, hence, there is an ONVIF type software I can control such a camera with.

I understand an IP runs over IP… and could be powered via Ethernet… but it may need more power for the IR LEDs, and a dedicated 12/24V feed may be appropriate.

What about audio/mic? Are these signals also routed via IP/Ethernet?

I am happy to receive recommendation on good cameras too. :slight_smile:

The issue I found with security cameras is when watching footage on Youtube, hardly ever can a face or license plate be identified when the subject is 20m plus from the camera… hence, my zoom requirement of 25x plus.

However, the key question is what cables I need to run to the IP camera.


I always recommend CAT7 as it‘s future proof. You can feed up to 30Watts per PoE port, so even powerful IR LEDs should be no issue.


Number plate and facial recognition at a distance is more technically demanding than you think. Specialist commercial products justify the expensive price tag because the “domestic” standard gear is pants at these jobs.

Just a warning really that you get what you pay for, and may have to adjust expectations to budget.

With PTZ cams, bear in mind they are never pointing the way you want. Best results for plates and faces are obtained with fixed cams with tele lenses trained on some natural pinch point, like an entrance.

PoE is something to consider about any given camera model. They’re not always “real” 48V PoE so that can limit power over cat cable.


I wasn’t specifically after facial and plate recognition; have worked with the latter; but am aware that LPR will need more sophisticated gear. I was planning on spending around the 500 USD mark for a decent camera.
“PTZ are never pointing to where they are needed” :slight_smile: seems highly probable.
My un-informdness maybe due to the fact that I live in a very safe neighbourhood (country, sticks); however, Ethernet cabling goes everywhere; hence, it seems sufficient for an IP camera.