[SOLVED]Question aboute [%.1f °C], [%d %%], [%.3f kW]

Hello all,

I no that one is for temp one for humidity and last one i for power.
I no there are many more sings out there, but i don’t no the sings for it.
Is there a website where all the sings are on with some explanation?
For now i would like one for ppm, but will have to use more in the
in the future. So it would be nice if there is a website with the sings on it. (Don’t no what there are called so i called the sings)


What you are asking about is called String formatting. For example:
[%.1f °C]: %.1f means that at that point a floating point number is to be filled in, with 1 digit after the decimal separator (the .), followed by the unit degrees Celcius in this case, but that could be anything.
[%d %%]: %d means that a integer number is to be filled in there, and it should be followed by a percentage sign (%), but as the % is already a special character, it is escaped by adding another % in front of it.
[%.3f kW]: Same as the first example, but then with 3 digits after the decimal separator, and a unit of kilo watts.

As OpenHAB is made in Java I looked up a random resource describing some more of the options, but there is many more resources to be used:

Now what the brackets do, is basically say “This concerns the state representation field, and not the label”, as mentioned here:


Thanks for the reply and the links.
I go and read-up on it, thanks.


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