[SOLVED] Question integrity of SD card to save data

Hi there,

I have a question. I have a RB Pi and I have taken adventage of it to save the data from influx in this SD card.

Is a bad idea to save continusly the data due to the fact that is a SD and not a mechanical Hard Drive?


Did you search on this forum ? There are many discussions on this, for example:


see #1

Sorry to disturb, but Do I have to delete the thread?

If I cannot ask, I will leave the forum so. Sometime is not easy to find the info. Sorry maybe I am not specialist in forums.

Thank you anyway.


You can ask. But please do search the forum before asking. Most of the time the question has been answered before.

Please stay

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Yes, but sometimes the threads are very old. Other times, none talk about some kind of specific topics. There are some shades that I am not sure if post in a old thread or open a new one.

But trust me, that I use google a lot and the search tool. :wink:

check this out: it should still work:

Open a new one and refer to your findings in it
See item #8 in How to ask a good question

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I can speak to this a bit too. sometimes I’l will spend hours searching for an answer, usually things that come up with no results, then I ask the forums and someone will link another post or piece of the wiki or they will ask me followup questions and try to help. But usually when someone will post a link to a page on the wiki and I read up on it. I feel embarrassed for asking and wasting peoples time.

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