[SOLVED] Radiator control for EnOcean or ZigBee


I am looking for a radiator control that is communicating via EnOcean, but I can’t find one in the compatibility list of the binding https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/enocean/#supported-things
Alternatively I could use ZigBee device as well. But here also is no compatible device is listed at the binding documentation https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zigbee/ .

Is there any device you can recommend?

Thank you

I use max cube myself. Has some quirks, but works for me and is cheap. Basically you can use any device you want provided it is supported by openhab. I think that there are good zwave radiator controls as well.

Thank you Mark,
I guess for max cube I need an additional bridge, right?

Since I already have two protocols (EnOcean and ZigBee), I’d like to avoid to have an additional binding.
There are some radiator controls using EnOcean or ZigBee on the market, but I am not sure if those are supported by OH.

You don’t by any chance use a fritz.box because than you could use their dect ule ones without an additional dongle. For Zigbee you could go down the zigbee2mqtt route as it supports the Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee thermostat.
Best regards Johannes

Yes, you need the max cube. You hook it up to your network.

I’m not sure I understand your reasoning. Why wouldn’t you want more bindings. That is the beauty of openhab. You are independant of different vendors an can pick the technology you want. Just to give an example. I have 16 bindings on my openhab system. I am sure there are people with more bindings. I should mention that not all bindings are to control physical things in my house. Those are Hue, Enocean, Chromecast, Powerview, Max, Samsung TV and Z-Wave.

I can’t really help you there. Have you tried to google the product name together with openhab? You could also post a message about the actual product.

Hi Johannes,
I’m setting up a system for our gym. Here I don’t have a fritz-box, not even WIFI.

Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee thermostat seems to be the solution I am looking for. Why is zigbee2mqtt needed?

Thank you

Hi Mark,

I agree, it is a big strength of OH to have multiple protocols in parallel. But I don’t want to build a third mesh up network, just to reach the furthest radiators.
I only have active devices using EnOcean and Zigbee connected to power supply, that also work as a repeater. For an additional protocol I’d need more repeaters of the new network.

Because the Openhab zigbee binding doesn’t support thermostats yet as far as I know and zigbee2mqtt supports alot of devices the binding doesn’t. There is quite a few people using it with openhab because of this. The problem is you would have to use one of the flashed cc2531 sticks as this is the one supported by zigbee2mqtt and move all your zigbee to devices from the binding to zigbee2mqtt and than install the mqtt binding to use them in Openhab again. So depending on how many zigbee devices you are already using with the Openhab binding this could be quite alot of effort. There is quite alot of forum posts about how to do this, so you wouldn’t be doing it blindly.
There is another way. You can go down the enocean route even if the thermostat eep(the enocean profile) is not supported by the enocean binding but it is quite a hackish one.
The binding developers included a generic thing in the enocean binding. If you know how the eep of the thermostat works you can make it work using this generic enocean thing and Javascript transformations. Have a look at this example one of the developers gave for a not yet supported button:

Both ways are workarounds for sure. You could open a github issue for the enocean binding and hope that sometime there will be official support for Enocean thermostats.
Best regards Johannes

Thank you Johannes,

I think I will give the zigbee2mqtt approach a chance, since it seems to be better documented.

Thank you very much!

Hi Peter,

the snapshot version of the EnOcean binding supports thermostats like the Hora Smartdrive MX now.
Other EEPs could be implemented too.

Best regards

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Thank you Daniel,

let me have a look on it.

It seems that curren version of the enocean binding (3.3.) does not support the A5-20-04 for Hora smart drive MX, isn‘t it? at least I get it not working / teached in in this version. In older versions I hat it running but don‘t know what have been changed or where is my mistake. The EEP A5-20-04 is not listed in the actual binding. Is there an inofficial binding version or an other workaround available? Is there in general a future progress of integrating new EEP‘s in the openhab binding to be expected or is this technology not the one to relay on in openhab an better to switch to other standards?

Thanks for your reply
Best regards KDMSch

Hi Klaus,
I’m sorry I don’t use Hora smart drive.
I decided to use Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee thermostat, connected via zigbee2mqtt.
This thread is more than three years closed. Maybe there are other solutions on the marked now.

Sorry for replaying on this thread again and thank you for your hint.