[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi 3 console login

I have just installed by downloading the Raspberry Pi image file.

All appears to have worked and I can use a browser from a laptop on the local LAN to access the HAB interface.

I can not login from the Raspberry Pi console with openhab:habopen as the username/passwd
So I tried to SSH in and again that failed. I did read that by default that was disabled, so that maybe it’s no surprise.

But I can’t login via the console which means I can’t setup SSH which means I can’t run headless.

Any ideas?
I have tried many combinations, including openhab2:hab2open etc

Sorry for such a weird query, seems so simple, I must have missed something.

Try openhabian as the user name and password.

Thank you so much.

For others it is by default openhabian for username and passwd


…if you used openhabian!
Note that you can install openHAB manually on a system running raspbian. You didn’t state which installation you used in the original post.

As documented here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/openhabian.html#raspberry-pi

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