[SOLVED] Raspberry PI update

I just upgraded my RPi from a 2B+ to a 3B+. MAN what a difference in speed !!
I installed OH and then copied my system backup from the 2B+ over to my 3B+. I thought everything would just work. When I set up the 2B+, I set it to a static address When I set up the 3B+, it set itself up at The Basic UI looks the same on the new pi but nothing works.

  1. Do I have to go through the new pi and set everything up from scratch?
  2. Is there a better way to set up OH2 and all the sensors so I don’t need static addresses?
  3. I thought the full backup would just transfer over to the new pi. I don’t want to erase the SD card on the 2B+ until I get the 3B+ working as the 2B+ still works great.

Any suggestions?


Assuming you installed the same version of OH?

What do you mean by NOTHING works? No bindings? No paperui?

Sorry for the vague post. All the screens were displaying properly, just none of the controls were working.

Ok, after an update and a reboot, it found my TP-Links switches and they are now working. Since my ESP8266 boards are running Tasmota and are set for the static 2B+ pi address, this may be why my other light switch and comfort sensors are not working. So I either need to remember how to change the static address of the new pi to the old 2B+ address or change the Tasmota settings to find the new 3B+ pi.



If understand the problem correctly can think of two ways of quick fixes

Login to the wifi router and either:
add a static mapping of your Raspbery PI MAC address to your old IP address
check the wifi client list - there you will see IP addresses of your esp8266’s - go to the each and change the static address to the new one

I just gave up and put the original 2B+ SD card in the 3B+ board and after about an hour it took of and started running. Everything is working only faster !!

Thanks for all the suggestions!!