[SOLVED]RaspberryPI3(jessie) OpenHAB 2.2.0-1 Binding.gpio io.gpio missing

Hi I have just setup a new raspberry with last jessie distribution and openhab stable version 2.2.0-1 and addons.

I was trying to blink a led.

But in addons ->Bindings the openhab.binging.gpio anb opehab.io.gpio don’t appear.

Does anyone know why and can help to solve the problem? I think they should be there without any other action, no?

Thanks to all

Can you see any 1.x binding or only 2.x?
GPIO is 1.12.0.
Have you selected the minimal installation at initial setup?

Hi Harry,

nice question uptill now i can’t se the GPIO’s , other 1.x bindings that i should see?

Many thanks

@warlock are there any bindings listet?

seems to be a bug. it is also not listet in my paperUI/extensions.
But with karaf i con find it. But installing does not help, as it gets uninstalled again as there is another bug, causing bindings installed with karaf to be uninstalled again.

I think so it’s a bug, binding i can see @harry are all 2.2.0 , so yes i can’t see all the 1.X.

@Josar, so there isn’t really a solution?

@Josar , yes i already done “sudo adduser openhab gpio”.

@warlock i don´t know, either my openhab is also broken or the paperUI was changed.

@warlock new isntallation of openhab2.

sudo apt-get purge <package-name>

Removes everything related to the package, including all config files, so saving all items rules etc is advised.

Just did it, GPIO and missing menues are back. Didn´t find any other solution, every report of such an error ended up in purge and reinstall.

so i can try by sudo apt-get purge openhab2 and apt-get purge openhab2-addons ?

Which version did you install back, this?

echo ‘deb https://dl.bintray.com/openhab/apt-repo2 stable main’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab2.list

At least gives hope :slight_smile:

@Josar : purged and reinstalled , it works,… thanks!

@warlock Hi, I’m facing this problem too and I’m a beginner in this thing. Can you explain the steps of “purged and reinstalled”? Really appreciate your help. Thanks