[SOLVED] - Refreshing a repeater widget

I have a MainUI widget that has a repeater in it looking at a collection of tagged items and it renders nicely but fails to refresh when one of the items refreshes

I found this:

butit doesnt refer to repeaters - can anyone tell me if this applies to them

It sure does. You can see an example of applying it to a repeater here:

You still need an event that changes the actual state of an item or items so that the key property changes and triggers the refresh, so if the item tags themselves are the only thing changing that’s not enough to trigger the change.

Perfect! I used the key config item with Math.random and as I am trying to refresh repeater items in a calendar, the icalendar thing has a last updated channel - so I have based it off of that - I guess it updates regardless of any change or not but it works great!
Thanks for the info!