[SOLVED] Remote access to Raspberry pi through myopenhab.org works very slow

Hello all, I’m new here, I need some help, I have configured the access through myopenhab.org but I’m really unpleasant due the fact the remote access is very slow, locally works fine, but remotely is very slow, I, ve checked the bandwidth of my ISP and it is good. Can someone help me???

Are you going through your ISP or your mobile provider?

Hello Vincent, Any of both options works very slow, either wifi connection or mobile provider.
Thanks for you quick response.

I can confirm. It is very slow for me too.

This is a old problem, I’ve readed that many users have the same problem, Is there some solution, really remote access is very important.

No this is not an old problem. The remote server seems to be struggling right now. It normally is fine (Most of the time)

I’ve experienced this problem since I have configured openhab 15 days approximately, but is strange trough Google home app the command off on switch works fast.I, ve linking my account to Google home.