[SOLVED] Remove Tags from items

  • Platform information:
    Raspberry 3 with Openhabian 1.4 and OpenHab 2.3 (release build)

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get the Alexa skill working with my firehd tablet that has arrived today.
But unfortunately, none of my devices can be found in the alexa app or website.

Those are my items:

Switch AlexaTest "AlexaTest" [ "Switchable" ]
Switch Light_LivingRoom_GroundFloor 			"Licht Wohnzimmer" 				        <light> 	(gIllumination) ["Lighting"]			{channel="zwave:device:86910632:node11:switch_binary"}

My Rest API is exposed over myopenhab.org, and after reading a lot of threads with similar issues, I think my main problem is that all of my Items seem to have empty Tags:

{"link":"https://myopenhab.org/rest/items/Light_LivingRoom_GroundFloor","state":"OFF","editable":false,"type":"Switch","name":"Light_LivingRoom_GroundFloor","label":"Licht Wohnzimmer","category":"light","tags":["Lighting"],"groupNames":["gIllumination"]},
{"link":"https://myopenhab.org/rest/items/Light_LivingRoom_GroundFloor_Meter_W","state":"0","stateDescription":{"pattern":"%.1f W","readOnly":true,"options":[]},"editable":false,"type":"Number","name":"Light_LivingRoom_GroundFloor_Meter_W","label":"Licht Wohnzimmer","category":"energy","tags":[],"groupNames":["gPowerDrain"]},

The first item here has the tag which I’ve configured, and the second item does have an empty tag. This can bee observed on all my items (150 in total). Every item except of the configured ones above does have an empty tag.

So my big question is:
Is there an easy way to remove those empty tags in the REST API?

Empty tags is normal, but if they are empty and additionally there is no label then Alexa will not be able to see them.

OK, thanks @matt1
So for that question i’m marking this thread as solved and opening another thread to discuss the issues with alexa.