[SOLVED] Replaced Denon Receiver, OpenHAB still trying to connect to old IP address

I replaced the receiver in my Media Center to a newer Denon. I redid my item files and changed the ip address in openhab.cfg but its still not firing any commands. If I look at the Denon.log I see:

DEBUG o.o.b.d.internal.DenonListener[:104]- Connecting to
DEBUG o.o.b.d.internal.DenonListener[:109]- Cannot connect to

Which is the old IP address. But if I “grep -R ‘’ /home/openhab” the only responses I get are like a million instances of the above warning and 1 Binary file @


What did I forget?

Did you restart OH? Maybe the binding only reads the ip address at startup.

oh jeez, i both hope and don’t hope that’s the answer cause that would be great but embarrassing. I thought that all changes to configs were read in real time.

Edit: Yup…that was it. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. Openhab has spoiled me with realtime updates:)