[SOLVED] Routing slaves for Zwave mesh

Hello everybody,
am new in Openhab/Zwave, and i need some help.
I started to use zwave with ZMEEUZB1 on the server, and some door sensors from the EZW line. (battery powered) Everything is working fine, the sensors are connected to the server. After that i have recognised, that i will have some signal problem because of the distance, i installed fibaro fgr222 roller shutters. (AC powered). My plan was that the AC powered roller shutters will act as “routing slave”, and from the server i willl reach the doors sensors over the roller shutters. I installed the roller shutters, they work fine as well, i waited 1 day to rebuild the mesh, but now in the morning i have seen, that every devices are directly connected to the server, and the roller shuttters are not working as “routing slave”.
My questions are:

  • Is it normal, that the FGR222 are not working as routing slave?
  • If no, where should i start with the debugging?
  • If yes, can you please propose me some zwave devices (function doesnt matter) which are able to route?
    Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

The system will use devices for routing if needed. It’s not really possible to tell if they are being used for routing as ZWave doesn’t expose the routes used.

If you are using 2.4 version of the ZWave binding, then you can see the neighbours for each device - this is a list of what devices each device can hear. It doesn’t mean that other devices are actively being used for routing.

The FGR222 should work fine as a router in the mesh - if needed. There is nothing you can do to force it to be used for routing - the controller will decide this. If the controller thinks that the link is good enough for direct connections, it will not use another node for routing just because you have added it.

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