[solved]Rule performed at "System Started" runs 3 times?

I installed the nigthly (Online) from last sunday, using this one a rule that runs at “System Started” is logged to run 3 times within 15 seconds. All other calls to that rule, which are done by a cron statement work normal (i.e are only run once). Did anyone else observe the same?

Could you install a latest nightly, since I made many improvements on the startup process during the last days (see https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/1771)?

OK, I’ll try to do that this afternoon. Will report back.

Installed nigthly yesterday. The triple running of the rule is gone however now it isn’t run at sp system started at all?

Looking a bit closer it seems that no Events are get (System started nor Item Changed state)?
The Item events are triggered if started after install. However if I stop OPENHAB and start it again no events are triggered. The rules that trigger on Crown statements do work.

Since the origianl error is gone, I’ll close this one and open a new thread with the updated rule problems.
See here