[SOLVED] Select data type in New Rule Engine

I am using the NRE to control some Somfy roller shutters, which works fine with the commads “UP” and “DOWN”.
But not if I enter a number, e.g. 70 for 70% down, the Somfy binding throws an exception. Thats because it expects an integer and not a decimal value. NRE sends the value 70.0 instead of 70

Is it possible to define the data type in the current NRE rules configuration (OH 2.4.0)?


I think you have shown that it is not presently supported. It is Experimental after all, that’s why it is the Experimental New Rules Engine.

What you can do is use a Script Action and sendCommand to your Somfy Item using 70 instead. See the Commanding and Updating Items section of Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 4 of : Writing Scripts.

I will add a note of this limitation as well.

Hi Rich.
Thanks for the hint. The folowing Script works in NGRE Paper UI: