<Solved>Sengled Lights Smartthings Issue

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi4
    • OS: Raspian
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_222”
    • openHAB version: 2.5.5

I am trying to get my Sengled bulbs to work with Openhab2. I have them connected to my ST hub and I can control them with the ST App as well as Alex but I am unable to get them to work with Openhab2. Looking at the log files I see that the light is being set to “On” but the light never comes on. I have other band smart LED bulbs and they work just fine and I can control ST outlets just fine too. Below is my .things and .items file. Any help would be great.

//Living Room

Switch GF_LivingRoom_ChairLamp “ChairLamp Bulb Switch” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:ChairLampLevel:switch”}

Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_ChairLampDimmer “ChairLamp Bulb Dimmer” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:ChairLampLevel:level”}

Switch GF_LivingRoom_TableLamp “TableLamp Bulb Switch” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:TableLampLevel:switch”}

Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_TableLampDimmer “TableLamp Bulb Dimmer” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:TableLampLevel:level”}

Switch GF_LivingRoom_EndTable1 “EndTable1 Bulb Switch” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:EndTableLamp1Level:switch”}

Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_EndTable1Dimmer “EndTable1 Bulb Dimmer” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:EndTableLamp1Level:level”}

Switch GF_LivingRoom_EndTable2 “EndTable2 Bulb Switch” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“smartthings:switchLevel:Home:EndTableLamp2Level:switch”}

Dimmer GF_LivingRoom_EndTable2Dimmer “EndTable2 Bulb Dimmer” (Home, GF_LivingRoom) [“Lighting”] {channel=“ssmartthings:switchLevel:Home:EndTableLamp2Level:level”}


//switch                   ChairLamp           "ChairLamp" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="ChairLamp"]

switchLevel              ChairLamp      "ChairLamp" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="ChairLamp"]

//switch                   TableLamp           "TableLamp" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="TableLamp"]

switchLevel              TableLamp      "TableLamp" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="TableLamp"]

//switch                   EndTableLamp1           "EndTableLamp1" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="EndTableLamp1"]

switchLevel              EndTableLamp1      "EndTableLamp1" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="EndTableLamp1"]

//switch                   EndTableLamp2           "EndTableLamp2" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="EndTableLamp2"]

switchLevel              EndTableLamp2      "EndTableLamp2" @ "Home" [ smartthingsName="EndTableLamp2"]

I resolved my issue. I forgot to go into the Smartthings App check the new bulbs to be controlled by that app.