[SOLVED] Setting configuration on z wave device via item?

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In regards of this item: https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/887

Is it possible to set USER CODES via ITEMs?
And is it also possible to set CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS via ITEMs?


I doubt it but @chris is the expert.

It’s possible to configure parameters but we have yo create an endpoint for you. Which parameters do you want?

User codes do not work in my experience.

They are referring to user codes set in a door lock.

Agreed, setting user codes doesn’t work well for me in my Yale locks. I avoid using openHAB to touch those.

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No - setting user codes is only available via the administration UI. I think if you start setting user codes through items it’s really starting to get messy (and dangerous). It starts to blur the lines between user and administrator - maybe these lines should be blurred, but in that case the system should really provide that functionality rather than the binding.

In my Yale lock it works fine, although I don’t tend to change them often. I’ve not had any reports of issues with this.

Any time I used habmin to update a code or add a code it corrupted all of the codes. I had to clear and manually re-enter them all at the device. I have 4 locks with the same behavior. I didn’t need this functionality so I just let it go. When I have time I’ll grab logs and get back to you. Maybe it will help someone else.

I see a scenario where I could:
Use Habpanel with a numpad
Input an admin pin to open up this element.
View codes (as I can view them in administration UI).
Set a new code (one time use, 5 times use, etc) in slot X.
The items would not contain anything more than a variable from the numpad.

As of today, I have to go to my computer and log in to my server and do it via openhab UI.
Or do it via the doorlock itself.

But if it is not possible, then it is not possible :slight_smile:
Thank you for the reply!

You might want to check this out…

For my implementation, I have a switch that triggers a rule to generate a new code, adds it to the lock, sends me a notification, and sets a timer to expire the code.

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Thanks, I’ll definately check this out!