[SOLVED] Setting up influx

Trying to set up influx and grafana using apt-get on a PC with Debian 9 running 2.4 stable

install influx
open web browser to localhost:8083
create database, users and grant permissions per Thom’s tutorial
install grafana
open web browser to localhost:3000
configure source per Thom’s tutorial
Paper UI - Binding - Persistence > install influxDB
create file influxdb.cfg in /services
create file influxdb.persist in /persistence

I’ve been trying to follow this tutorial but it is a little old but lots of good information

This thread also has a more recent attempt but on Pi

Checked out the docs here

Do you have an error or problem? Anything wrong in /var/log/syslog or the openhab log?

No thank you John, I have obtained charting wonderfulness :+1: