[SOLVED] Setting up Master/Slave ZWave Switches

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Can anyone direct me to a post explaining how to set up a few ZWave light switches as Master and Slave?

I would like the Master switch to be physically connected to the bulb’s AC wire, whereas the Slave switch will sync with the Master, and thus control the bulb without a physical wire connection.

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That varies depending on the model of switch. There is not standard for that.

In the US, many switch manufacturers require you purchase their slave switches to sync. I have a Zooz brand switch that uses regular electrical hose switches to sync.

I’m trying to configure two Lumi 4-buttons switches, one will be the Master switch and the second will be the Slave.
Please see the manufacturer website for info on the switch.

The website says it’s a Zigbee switch, but it also comes in a ZWave version. (I have the ZWave version).

Unfortunately, the English page doesn’t seem to work, but Google Translate seems to do an adequate job.

You would write a rule that if the ‘slave’ switch state changes, a command to the item that is linked to the device that has the physical connection to the bulb is sent.
You can also use profiles for that.

Either way, I suggest you read the OH docs first (again), in particular the Concepts section.

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Thank you. I will read more about rules and profiles.

I thought you could set up this sort of linking directly in the zwave devices?

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Can you explain?

I don’t have zwave devices. But I thought you could set up one zwave switch to message another switch when it changes, and the target switch to respond to that. Maybe only models with the feature? “association groups” is I think the magic words.

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I think you’re right and that should be possible, but I don’t know how to do it.
That’s why I require direction to documentation :slight_smile:

Yes you can, I’ve set this up for a simple on-off based on a motionsensor but also connecting multiple lights to 1 switch.
Advantage is that it doesn’t take a rule which in my case was slower.
I’m not at home right now, can probably screenshot the setup later tonight.
Do note that it will depend on your device on how to set it up and which endpoints are available, make sure you have the manuals ready.

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Thank you, Jos. A screenshot will be helpful :pray:

Note this configuring has nothing to do with openHAB, you can search widely for zwave association groups, stairway switches, etc.

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As mentioned before, you can set up associations within the Z-wave network, such that one device (that you call the slave) directly sends commands to another (what you call the master).
That happens directly within the Z wave network, so OpenHAB has nothing to do with that.
So it is up to you to select devices that deal with this properly, and depends from device to device how to set this up. The manuals of the master and slave devices should describe the required procedures.

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