[SOLVED] Shelly1 wiring with 2-way switching (hotel switch)

The shelly needs to be placed behind the switch next to the lightbulb.
From that switch, take the wire going to the light and connect it to the shelly output. Take a new piece of wire from shelly SW to the forme switch light output.
Shelly input needs to be configured into edge mode.

Thanks for your reply - so I’ve taken another look at it and I’m still confused what’s going on. I’ve wired at least a dozen Shellys in my time so I’m not new to this, but I am relatively new to 2 way wiring and I’m now seriously confused.

Been looking at the diagrams over here
but the differences between the Shelly1L and 1, plus the fact that my switches seem to be wired backwards to what it shows there is also confusing me

One thing I’m wondering - do I need the loop between L and 1? Wondering if that might be throwing things off as I don’t see that in the other diagrams? But I’ve always had to power the input before (And I think their dry on the Shelly1 so it’s going to need power somehow? I don’t see it on the diagrams linked above tho (tho I do in the rest of the thread

I always end up in a situation where the shelly can control the light, but only with the switches in a certain position. And the switches can control the light but only in a certain shelly state…

The other confusion for me is that I seem to have 3 wires linked to the permanent live which I don’t see on any of the diagram above. I’m assuming this is because of the three spotlights that are connected to it, but I dont see from any diagram the light linked to the permanent live, yet that is how it was wired and I’m reluctant to change it

Appreciate this is difficult to troubleshoot from afar but any help appreciated!

Sorry, can‘t help further as I don‘t use Shelly1L.

You‘d better consult a professional electrician.

I wasn’t asking about Shelly1L - I’m using shelly 1

But no worries - I’ve just done it :+1:

Sorry for misunderstanding.
Did you solve it ?

If not, let us know. I have the so called „hotel switch“ working here, it’s not that difficult.

Yes, it’s working
In essence it is the diagram in post 2, but the wiring on my switch was reversed for some reason (and UK so looks different to some of the diagrams here) and I’d misidentified one of the wires!


Can a shelly (one) be used a the second switch (in a 2-way model) ?

What is the schema of the model you’re talking about, I assume you can but just to be sure.

something like that ??

Ah ok, so your switch has 2 switch output wires. This will not work for a Shelly one, but can work on a Shelly 2PM (the successor of the Shelly 2.5) since they have 2 switch inputs, where the Shelly one, only has one switch input.

Shelly 2PM

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Graet, thanks a lot,

something like that then ?

Should I connect O1 to O2 then ?

Hope the shelly 2pm is not biger than the one.(as the right hand side of the drawing will be inside of the light appliance (except the second switch fixed on the appliance itself)…

Once setup, can you also confirm it can work without wifi… ?


Are you sure about your wiring diagram of your light switch and that this is the last switch before the bulb?

what do you mean ?

I was asking someone to confirm my drawing above is working or not…

Yes, this will work with a Shelly 2, no need to connect Output 1 to 2, you can configure within Shelly (or if you flash it with Tasmota, within Tasmota) that switch 1 and 2 are controlling relay output 1 and output 2 will do nothing.

It will also work when you are manually using the switches when the Wi-Fi is down.

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GREAT, Merci Stéphane

gonna buy it right away :wink:

Have you 2 switches controlling the same bulb like below?

schematic-2way-shelly (1)

no, I have 1 (2ways) switch on the wall and have a second switch (1 way) on the bedside light.
I want to use a shelly (inside of this appliance).

So 2 single switches and 1 shelly (2PM) as proposed by [Stehof]

Looks good :wink:

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here it is a bit clearer :wink:
thanks Stehof

Don’t forget to set-up both channels (in my case wall switch and light button) I/O entries (I did it through the web interface, easier than on the app…).

Yes that was always possible, I myself flashed them all witch Tasmota since I have some other sensor devices with Tasmota, I like to have the same firmware as much as possible, so I can’t check it for you.

If you don’t see this option in the app, you can also access the device by IP from a web browser what gives you some extra option like enabling MQTT (don’t know if it’s still the same, but when I used the Shelly firmware I always had to enable MQTT by the browser, this option isn’t available in the app)