[SOLVED] Shock sensor alarms not triggered

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I’ve configured without problems the ZS5101 Shock Sensor (https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/442) using a Z-Wave USB stick (https://z-wave.me/uzb) installed on OH2 (v. 2.4.0-1) binding-zwave v. 2.4.0.
Using either OpenHAB console and Paper-UI I’ve verified that status is “ONLINE” and channels are correctly configured.
The problem is that the Shock Alarm events (Tamper and Alarm) are ignored (not reported by console …)
I’m using other Z-Wave devices that works fine and using rules (… so, Z-Wave controller is working fine …)
I’ve already tried to set the sensibility … without results …
Is there anyone who used this device ?
Have you some suggestion on OpenHAB integration of this device ?

Nicola Cisternino.

Make sure the controller (usually node_1) is in the association group 1. There was a recent update to the binding to ensure the controller is always assigned. But set it manually and see if this helps. You will need to wakeup the device for this to be set. Tailing the log will help to confirm that it was set properly.

Hi Scott
How I can verify the controller association group ?

You will find the associations in the properties of the Thing for the device.

Thank you for replay, Scott.
It seems that association group is “1”

openhab> smarthome:things show zwave:device:fa62667f:node5                                                                           
UID: zwave:device:fa62667f:node5
Type: zwave:vision_zs5101_00_000
Label: Z-Wave Node 005: ZS5101 Shock Sensor
Status: ONLINE
Bridge: zwave:serial_zstick:fa62667f

	zwave_class_basic : BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE
	zwave_neighbours : 1,3,4
	zwave_lastwakeup : 2019-02-21T06:34:37Z
	modelId : ZS5101
	zwave_version : 16.6
	zwave_plus_devicetype : NODE_TYPE_ZWAVEPLUS_NODE
	vendor : Vision Security
	defaultAssociations : 1
	zwave_routing : true
	zwave_beaming : true
	zwave_secure : false
	zwave_devicetype : 8195
	zwave_frequent : false
	zwave_listening : false
	manufacturerId : 0109
	manufacturerRef : 2003:0306,2003:0307
	dbReference : 442
	zwave_deviceid : 775
	zwave_nodeid : 5
	zwave_lastheal : 2019-02-21T06:34:41Z
	zwave_manufacturer : 265

Configuration parameters:
	action_heal : false
	binding_cmdrepollperiod : 1500
	action_reinit : false
	wakeup_node : 1
	action_failed : false
	wakeup_interval : 21750
	group_1 : controller
	action_remove : false
	binding_pollperiod : 86400
	node_id : 5

	ID: sensor_binary
	Label: Binary Sensor
	Type: zwave:sensor_binary
	Description: Indicates if a sensor has triggered

	ID: alarm_access
	Label: Shock Alarm
	Type: zwave:alarm_access
	Description: Indicates if the access control alarm is triggered

	ID: alarm_tamper
	Label: Tamper Alarm
	Type: zwave:alarm_tamper
	Description: Indicates if the tamper alarm is triggered

	ID: battery-level
	Label: Battery Level
	Type: system:battery-level

Problem solved upgrading Z-Wave binding (2.5 snapshot on OH 2.4) … as described in the following post: VISION SECURITY Z-WAVE USB Gen5 controller