[SOLVED] Simple delay rule for letterbox-contact (only one event for 60s)

I build a contact on my letterbox, and a rule send a popup message to smartphone if new post receive. Works.
Sometimes the postman open the flap 3 times to fill in the letters, and I get three popups …

So looking for a “simple” timer rule that only one event is triggered.

“Send immediatly a popup after first open Letterbox_Filling and ignore all further events the next 60 sec.”


rule "Briefkasten: Einwurfklappe wurde betaetigt"  // Fill in
when Item Letterbox_Filling changed from CLOSED to OPEN
    String Letterbox_Last_Filling = now.toString("HH':'mm' Uhr ('E')'")
    sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("Post kam, Einwurf! " + Letterbox_Last_Filling)
    Letterbox_String.postUpdate("EINWURF: " + Letterbox_Last_Filling)

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See Design Pattern: Rule Latching. You will want to use Concept 1.

Thanks Rich,
I try example 1 from your link, maybe it’s “normal” but when saving the rule I get:

2019-02-26 18:52:40.475 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Validation issues found in configuration model 'latch_test.rules', using it anyway:

Constant condition is always false.

Assignment to final field

Assignment to final field

2019-02-26 18:52:40.491 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Refreshing model 'latch_test.rules'

My test-rule is this now:

val Timer latchTimer = null

rule "Briefkasten: Einwurfklappe wurde betätigt"  // Filling
when Item Letterbox_Filling changed from CLOSED to OPEN
     or Item Switch_Socket09 changed from OFF to ON    // for testing/debugging only !!
    logInfo("letterbox.rules", "AAAAAA Letterbox FILLING start line")
    if(latchTimer !== null) return; // skip this event if the timer exists
    latchTimer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(1), [ | latchTimer = null ]) // set the Timer back to null after the given time
    logInfo("letterbox.rules", "BBBBB Filling end rule")

(the rule self is working, I get only max. one message (here: logInfo “BBBBBB…”) per minute)

You’re going to be changing that. Use var

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I wrote Concept 1 in response to this posting and indeed it has an error. rossko57 correctly points out, latchTimer needs to be defined as a var, not a val.

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OK, thanks for the correction.

But why must I always run in problems and find these errors :wink:

Someone has to… :wink: