[Solved] Sitemap will not load in BasicUI

I am very new to openHAB and I thought I followed all the guide lines and instructions right but my sitemap just will not loaded and I did set it as the default sitemap for BasicUI. BasicUI loads as if no sitemap was set as default. I’ll post my items and sitemap below as I saw they were usually both asked for if there was an issue. If anyone can help it’s much appreciated I probably just made a nooby mistake somewhere thanks!

So my mistake was using dashes in the Wemo_E-nail_Switch items name. Sorry to waist a post I ended up giving up and installing SmartHome Designer. I thought if I read the directions I’d be fine to use Notepad++ it’s what I use for everything haha. On that note unless I missed it it should probably be added to the tutorial you can’t use dashes in item names. If it was said I’m sorry it probably said you can’t use special characters if so my bad thanks anyways you guys I’m so excited to have this up and running!


Switch Presence_GLaDOS "GLaDOS" <man_3> { channel="network:device:192_168_0_20:online" }
Switch Presence_Sams_A5 "Sam's A5" <woman_3> { channel="network:device:192_168_0_21:online" } 


Switch Wemo_E-nail_Switch "Wemo E-nail Switch" <poweroutlet_us> { channel="wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221710K010472B:state" }


Group Hallway_Lights

Dimmer Hue_Front_Door_Light "Front Door Light" <light> (Hallway_Lights) { channel="hue:0100:00178825acf3:4:brightness" }
Dimmer Hue_Hallway_Bulb_1 "Hallway Bulb 1" <light> (Hallway_Lights) { channel="hue:0100:00178825acf3:5:brightness" }
Dimmer Hue_Hallway_Bulb_2 "Hallway Bulb 2" <light> (Hallway_Lights) { channel="hue:0100:00178825acf3:6:brightness" }
Dimmer Hue_Hallway_Bulb_3 "Hallway Bulb 3" <light> (Hallway_Lights) { channel="hue:0100:00178825acf3:7:brightness" }
Dimmer Hue_Hallway_Bulb_4 "Hallway Bulb 4" <light> (Hallway_Lights) { channel="hue:0100:00178825acf3:8:brightness" }

Color Hue_Bedroom_Light "Bedroom Light" <light> { channel="hue:0210:00178825acf3:1:color" }
Color Hue_Office_Light "Office Light" <light> { channel="hue:0210:00178825acf3:9:color" }

Dimmer Hue_Living_Room_Light "Living Room Light" <light> { channel="hue:0220:00178825acf3:3:brightness" }
Dimmer Hue_Kitchen_Light "Kitchen Light" <light> { channel="hue:0220:00178825acf3:2:brightness" }


sitemap main label="The Sanctum Sanctorum" 
	Frame label="Who's Home?" {
		Switch item=Presence_GLaDOS label=Alex icon="man_3"
		Switch item=Presence_Sams_A5 label=Sam icon="woman_3"
	Frame label="Hallway Lights" {
		Switch item=Hallway_Lights icon="big_bulb"
		Slider item=Hallway_Lights
	Frame label="Living Room Light" {
		Switch item=Hue_Living_Room_Light icon="big_bulb"
		Slider item=Hue_Living_Room_Light
	Frame label="Kitchen Light" {
		Switch item=Hue_Kitchen_Light icon="big_bulb"
		Slider item=Hue_Kitchen_Light
	Frame label="Bedroom Light" {
		Switch item=Hue_Bedroom_Light icon="big_bulb"
		Slider item=Hue_Bedroom_Light
	Frame label="Office" {
		Switch item=Wemo_E-nail_Switch icon="poweroutlet_us"
		Switch item=Hue_Office_Light icon="big_bulb"
		Slider item=Hue_Office_Light