[SOLVED] Sitemaps don't show Text


i’m running openhab now for some days on a raspi 4 with openhabian vers. 2.4. I really like it but now I have the problem that in Basic UI and using the Openhab app some items don’t show the state/text/string in my sitemap.

For example: I have a Homematic Window Sensor. In Habmin the state “closed” is correctly shown but in BasicUI there’s no output.
my sitemap:
Frame label=“Badezimmer”

    Text item=Fenstersensor_BadezimmerOG label="Fenster"
    Group item=Heizung
        Default item=ISTTemperatur_BadezimmerOG label="Ist Temperatur"
        Setpoint item=SOLLTemperatur_BadezimmerOG label="Soll Temperatur" icon=temperature step=0.5


the item:

Contact Fenstersensor_BadezimmerOG "Fenstersensor_BadezimmerOG " (Fenstersensoren) {channel=“homematic:HM-SEC-SC-2:3014F11A0001F98A99A307D:OEQ0374292”}
I created the thing via PaperUI.

Thank you in advance.

Try adding “[%s]” to the label.

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Oh, thank you that was a quick fix. I did test with the formatting but didn’t understand it fully yet.