[SOLVED] Sitemaps: frame icons not displayed?


I am using openHAB 2.4.

The documentation states that a Frame Sitemap Element may define an icon, like

Frame label="MyFrame" icon="groundfloor" {
 // ...

But no matter if I used the official iOS app or the BasicUI, I can’t see that icon being displayed anywhere.

Can you please tell me if there is a way to get the icon to be displayed in the BasicUI and app?

Thanks in advance!

It appears that this is an error in the documentation or a bug

You can file an issues there:

As long as i use openHAB that never worked an this is something like verion 1.8

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okay, thanks, I’ll file an issue then

Using this in the .sitemap file:

sitemap Admin label=“OpusPi3 Admin” {
Text item=OpusPi icon=“player” {
//Switch item=TestSomething
Text item=RunTime label=“Laufzeit [JS(min2hhmm.js):%s]”

My work around!