[SOLVED] Sitmap using setpoint of QuantityType item

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I changed my temperature items to QuantityType numbers. Within my sitemap I use setpoint to edit the related item. If I try to edit the item by using the Android App, the wheel/setpoint editor will always start at the defined minimal value. I would expect to start at the actual value. Without using QuantityType the behavior is as expected.


Number:Temperature Roller_Settings_Cooling_Ambient_Limite "Kühlen Aussen Limite [%.1f °C]" <temperature> (gRoller_Settings, gPersistence_Restore)


Setpoint item=Roller_Settings_Cooling_Ambient_Limite minValue=10.0 maxValue=25.0 step=1.0

Should I use QuantityType only for measurement items and not for setting items like setpoints?

See Setpoint selection dosen't start on current value

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Thanks for the hint.

Today I received the V2.6.9 update of the Android App. I can confirm that issue is now fixed.

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