[SOLVED] Size of the database influxdb

Hi there,

I do not want to disturb with new threat just for a question I am confused. Hope you can clarify me.

I see that the size of my folder /var/lib/influxdb is increasing the size 1Mb per minute. I see that the folder walis growing up all time.

My question are:

  1. the folder with the database is actaully /var/lib/influxdb/data/openhab_db???
  2. What’s happen with the other folder wal and meta?
  3. Why I see that the folder influxdb is increasing the size?
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/data/openhab_db
156K	/var/lib/influxdb/data/openhab_db
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/data
3,5M	/var/lib/influxdb/data
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/wal
31M	/var/lib/influxdb/wal
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/meta
8,0K	/var/lib/influxdb/meta
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/
34M	/var/lib/influxdb/
pi@pi:/var/lib/influxdb $ sudo du -sh /var/lib/influxdb/
35M	/var/lib/influxdb/

I am using a SD card, because this info is nothing and I am using a raspberry pi.

Thank you!

Don’t threaten me… I think you meant thread

It’s never an issue to open a new thread as long as the question is relevant to OH2

Back to your problem, see:

YOUR data is in /var/lib/influxdb/data
The wal directory is used by influx to manage incoming data and grows until a certain size is reached and then compressed and archived.


See link above

Because that folder contains data, wal and meta. As wal grows, so does the parent directory.

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I highly recommend that you use an SSD and USB port
You can boot from the SD card and move everything else to the SSD.
I believe that openHABian has an option to do that

Jajaja sorry yes. I meant thread.
Thank you for your answer.

You mean this functionality right?

well, I guess I can move openhabian to an USB stick as you said. And for the other Raspberry that I use for my Cloud and to store data of influx, I might use an SSD.

It is recommended to have Influx running in other system different than openhab one.

Thanks for the clarification. :wink:

I didn’t say USB stick, I said SSD. A USB stick uses the same technology as an SD card (An SSD too by the way but it has protection buffers) and the stick will fail eventually too.
I use good old fashioned hard drives for storage, swapping and logging. I use SSD for the OS and I try to minimize the writes on it.