[SOLVED] Snow reports for ski resorts? some API available?

I’d like to have some information on the snow reports for some regions. There are a bunch of weather services, which provide some insights, but not the information I’d like to have.
Concrete use case: I’d like to see the snow depth and conditions on ski resorts so I can decide where to go for skiing! :wink:
There are of course the Websites of the ski resorts, which provide these information in HTML. There are also some concentrator websites, which provide an overview. I know a bunch (at least for the european alps), but honestly, I’m too lazy to scrape the HTML for this.
So: Does anyone know of some API (freely available for non-commercial use for the best!), which provides at least these information in some kind of structured format (JSON, XML, …):

  • snow base depth
  • new snow
  • piste conditions
  • lifts open
  • trails open
  • acres open
  • weather (mountain!) would be nice, as the usual weatherstations you can access only have valley information

google says: https://opensnow.com/about/api

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Thanks, I already contacted those guys, but the page says:

New OpenSnow API keys are no longer available, sorry of the inconvenience.

But this can’t be the only source…!? :wink:

Hey! I found one! :wink:

what you get is a XML or a JSON:

    "resortid": 999001,
    "resortname": "Arinsal",
    "resortcountry": "Andorra",
    "newsnow_cm": 12,
    "newsnow_in": 4.7,
    "lowersnow_cm": 0,
    "lowersnow_in": 0,
    "uppersnow_cm": 0,
    "uppersnow_in": 0,
    "pctopen": 0,
    "lastsnow": "19/05/2015",
    "reportdate": "26/05/2015",
    "reporttime": "13:27",
    "conditions": "Closed for snowsports"

at least some of my requirements… :wink:

Hi there,
have you had any success regarding the slope conditions/lifts open api?

As stated above, these are the inputs I use for “general” information.
I didn’t find some really reliable source like a JSON or API… for specific snow reports on slopes and lifts.

So, I wrote a script, scraping the status page of my ski resort and greping the information out of it - which gave me a little bit of a headache and a really dirty code, but until now it works. It shows me, which specific slopes/lifts are open and I did use it while being at the resort in the morning to check the daily conditions. You can argue, I could’ve just set an bookmark on the page and opened that one - and yes, you’ll probably spot on… :wink:

Anyways, for the alps, there is a neat little script available on github, which scrapes the “bergfex”-website: https://github.com/nebulx29/MMM-bergfex yes, it is a plugin for https://magicmirror.builders - but I use that one. You could fork it and use it as a blueprint for openHAB… :wink: It works not only for austria, but also for DE, IT, FR, … take a look.
at least you get info, how many lifts and slopes are open…

Thanks for the fast reply and for the information. I know the Bergfex website very well :smiley: and also thought of a solution taking this website for input. I’ll look into the GitHub code and try to make it work :slight_smile:

Have a good one :wink:

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yeah - and if you manage to import bergfex into openHAB, please let us know here, I might want to use that for automated hints on which ski resort to go to next winter (if Corona allows us to…)

Me too (by the way, Philip, welcome to OpenHab!)

A proper OpenHab solution would not only give you any hints which resort you can choose from. It would, given sufficient fresh snow is shown in the bergfex binding, trigger rules to turn on the parking heater, switch on the lights in the ski storage room, start a fresh coffee at 6am …and so on :ski: :grinning:

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