[SOLVED] Sonoff Question: want to put more then one sensor

Hi All, a little of the topic for OH but i am sure someone here can help me
I am running tasmotha on my sonoff basic R1 , i am using GPIO 14 for a rocker switch and its working great, this sonoff is so close to the door that i must use it for door sensor :slight_smile:

do i have any more GPIOs that i can configure as a door sensor
i know some of the pins have some resistors and some don’t , and this is where it gets tricky for me, I don’t really understand why I need them so if someone can help it will be great

i was thinking maybe using the LED indicator that i don’t really see because the sonoff is fixed in the light
or maybe the toggle that i dont really use, but then the sonoff will be bricked?

Not on a BasicR1

The Led indicator is on GPIO0 and if that’s pulled low on reboot (power cut for example) the sonoff will not reboot

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what about RX TX pins i can see in tasmota i can set them…

but will it work ?

You can use GPIO3 (I think it’s RX)


You MUST disable serial logging

You will have the same issue with GPIO1 (TX) as with GPIO0 (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Hi Vincent

if i will disable serial , what will it do?(what will i lose?)

Only the serial logging. But you MUST do it

Ok sure so i will do …
“SerialLog 0” on console
then i will connect the sensor to GPIO 3
and configre this as a switch ?
say what are the numbers on the side of the switch
relay1 relay2 relay3 …was never able to understand this

What sensor?

Depends on the sensor

You can have up to 8 switches directly linked to 8 relays
To change the link between the switch and the relay you have get get reading on tasmota
docs. look for swichmode and switchtopic

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i will use door sensor,
thanks i will play around to see the best setup !