[SOLVED] Sony Audio Bindings


I just got a Sony STRDN1080 and found the Sony Bindings in the Paper UI, version 1.0. I found out this bindings doesn’t work very much.

When looking at the openhab bindings listing here: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/, I only find “SonyAudio” bindings, not “Sony Bindings”. In Paper UI, the “Sony Bindings” is listed as “market:binding-3741544 - 1.0” and clearly doesn’t have the same action and items as the SonyAudio one.

But, I can’t find the SonyAudio bindings in my paper UI. Where do we get it?

THank you

If it is a new binding you will only find it in the snapshots:

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oh, how do i get access to snapshot?

You did not tell anything about your setup or operating system, so I can just guess: if you are on Linux with an apt-get install switch to the snapshot repo like described in the docs:

Ah sorry, I though it was maybe a switch or add-on to install that give access like the marketplace addons. I’m on Windows. I guess I must install the snapshot version of the server to get access to the snapshot apps


I found a sony audio binding 2.2.0 snapshot, but it’s this one and it’s not even the same on the sony bindings in the catalog… I’m having a hard luck on getting the jar for that version. Is there a place with all the snapshot jar? I though there might be an offline download like the stable one

Yes, but it is “hidden” inside the ESH zip, because the Sony Audio Binding is part from ESH:

It’s a bit of work to extract that one and include it in your stable runtime, here is an example for the Astro binding:

Please be aware that sometimes snapshot bindings only work with the newest runtime, so I recommend if you want to use it upgrade to the snapshot runtime.