[SOLVED] Sony BRAVIA & TCP Binding

Hi there!

It is possible to command the BRAVIA TV Sets, using the Sony Simple IP Control Protocol.
This uses the server running on BRAVIA listens on TCP port 20060

The command are simple like the string : SCPOWR0000000000000000
The issue is that the command string requires the LF at the end of the command. (HEX x0A)

I have tried the tcp:postamble=\n but its know that it will not process the escape code
i have tried also the UFT-16 equivalent but no luck.

I have also tried using a HEX editor to modify the MAP to include the LF character (hex 0A) at the end of the line, but OpenHAB ends the string at that character.

Any ideas?

It is related to this ? :

Solved inserting the \n at the end of the string in the MAP configuration.

Could you provide an example of how you have this setup in OpenHAB? I’d rather use IP than build an IR remote using Arduino which is what I was about to do.

I’m also interested in this. Please share an example if possible.

I found this - http://shop.kindermann.com/erp/KCO/avs/3/3005/3005000168/01_Anleitungen+Doku/Steuerungsprotokoll_1.pdf

I’m using the same document that @qnology commented.
The use of the Sony Simple IP Control Protocol has the benefit of the reduced complexity of the security measures that the High Level protocol requires. The drawback is the security. Given that, i used :

  1. A network traffic sniffer to see whats going on the TV. I used “Packet Peeper” on Macintosh. it is suggested to filter the traffic on the TV IP.
  2. an application to send the string to the TCP port of the Bravia TV. I used “Packet Sender”.
  3. using this 2 apps i could see whats going on traffic wise and the responses of the TV.


Switch AV_Bravia_Power "TV" (AV_bravia) {tcp=">[ON:'MAP(S_COMMANDS.MAP)'], >[OFF:'MAP(S_COMMANDS.MAP)']"}



Thanks for sharing @AV_HomeAuto!

I found this thread with some code that looks to be using the same method - https://www.domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8301.

I already have a Logitech Harmony Hub that controls my TV through OpenHAB (and Amazon Echo), but just curious on other solutions. Will look more into this. Thanks again.


I didn’t know this - thanks for sharing.
In case you need more control I have found a good hint on a German website how to control the Sony TV through IRCC.
For instance change Input, Volume, channel etc.
If somebody would like to have a look:

I would support with translation, if needed :wink:

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Hi @AV_HomeAuto

For some reason I simply can’t get your transform to work. I assume OH is getting stuck on the \n??

I have copied your commands exactly. Do I need to do anything else? I have confirmed I can send the same commands with packet sender and works as expected…


I am sorry Mark! i have been away for too long!
Could you manage to get it to work?

Hi! @AV_HomeAuto
Nope, no progress…

I got the rule, but where do you placed the “transform” part of your code? Could you please share a detailed descrition with file names and full code?

BTW - you do know the sony binding has full support for this right? At any rate, what you are talking about is the SimpleIP protocol and you can find some documentation at https://pro-bravia.sony.net/develop/integrate/ssip/overview/

Please note that it is certainly not complete but it will give you the format of everything you need. However, I’d like to repeat that the full simple ip (with stuff that isn’t documented) is support by the sony binding…