[SOLVED] Struggle with FritzBox TR064 Binding

Hello all,

I have the FritzBox TR064 Binding installed.

Then I have made a Service file called fritzboxtr064.cfg.

There I tipped following text:

  url: https://420.420.420.420:49443
  pass: <Passwort>

…But my Thing item is not finding:

as i know there is no discovery for this binding. You have to create the needed items in an .items file manually.


Just copy/paste the items

That binding is a version 1 binding, there are no Things and Channels.
Configuration is done through items and cfg files.

Ok thx sihui
I am User since OH2.

Is my cfg file right?

See the docs linked above.


# User Name (only use this value if you configured a user in fbox webui/config!)
# If this parameter is missing, "dslf-config" is used as default username
# It is recommended to to switch to authentication by username in fritzbox config
# and add a separate config user for this binding.

# PW

Of course you need to add that user to your router.

Also read the prerequisites:

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