[SOLVED] Struggling to Expose items to OpenHAB Cloud

I have no issues with connecting to my openHAB instance remotely however I’m struggling to get an item to update to the cloud so I can update it using IFTTT.

I have the openhabcloud.cfg setup correctly as per the documentation, querying it via the API makes me thing the config file is working as expected…

  "mode": "remote",
  "expose": "FitBit_Weight_Tommy"

I have updated the state of the item a number of times but it’s just not updating to the cloud for some reason…

Any other suggestions?
Version OpenHABianPi 2.5

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Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Your code snippet doesn’t look like what’s shown in the OpenHAB Cloud Connector configuration documentation that I used:

Rather than using the config file, I use Paper UI to expose items to IFTTT (also shown in the documentation). I would suggest trying this method. Note that you have to trigger the item at least once for openHAB to push an update to the cloud. If I recall correctly, the item did not immediately show up in myopenHAB or IFTTT. I had to wait awhile for it to become available.

Okay, looks like a few reboots and just leaving it for a few days and now it’s working as expected :slight_smile: