[SOLVED] System vs Astro vs Weather location settings

Hi all,

I’ve been using OH2 for a couple of years now and it is just fantastic, but please help clarify some old mysteries:

  1. In PaperUI, I set my GPS co-ordinates in the system config under Regional Settings:

and again per binding, I.e. Astro:

and then again for Weather Underground…

Is there any way to set the location in one place so that the interested bindings can reference it?

Many thanks to all you who are making this incredible home automation platform.

Ps: How do I get the Astro binding to name my place as ‘local’ as opposed to some cryptic value, eg:

How could I rename the ‘a3b62d7d’ part to something more univesral like astro:sun:local:rise#start ?

To name the thing ID, you can do that when creating the thing:
Change the ID field

The astro binding has it’s own location because you can create different things with different locations if you want

Perfect, thank you Vincent. That eluded me for ages

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