[SOLVED] Telegram Binding migration from v1 to the new Binding


i try to migrate from telegram v1 to the new telegram binding, i get messages to my phone but in the logs i get a lot of warnings, its spamming me the logs:

Telegram exception: GetUpdates failed with error_code 409 Conflict: terminated by other getUpdates request; make sure that only one bot instance is running

i get this on oh 2.5.11 and oh3

i have setup the rule with action, this is working and whe i restart my oh 2.5 i get the messages i got before.


Thing telegram:telegramBot:telegram_home [ chatIds="133251421", botToken="" ]
Thing telegram:telegramBot:Telegram_alarm [ chatIds="133251421", botToken="" ]
Thing telegram:telegramBot:Telegram_bewegung [ chatIds="133251421", botToken="" ]

the chatid was also in the v1 the same.

Do you have telegram binding run on 2 OH instances?
I had the same issue when I run 2nd OH with telegram binding running.


I just read this:

i get this on oh 2.5.11 and oh3

This I the reason

i have it on a oh 2.5 and 3.0, i have uninstalled the v1 telegram action and also created a new oh2.5 container with cleared cache.

but the warnings not going away

I am using different chatId’s for each OH instance.

ok, so i cant use it on 2 instances, thats it, ok, thank you, i will try with different IDs :slight_smile:

According to your post #1, you already have multiple things for the bot all to use the same UID inside one instance. And yes you cannot reuse the ID with a different endpoint no matter if that’s the same instance or not. Think from the telegram network side: which IP/port is Telegram expected to send to when it has a message for your ID ?
I’d guess that >1 thing results in an attempt to setup multiple telegram endpoints so that 409 ist just the logical consequence.

thank you, i have now deactivated telegram on the second instance (OH3, different ip, different place), now on the first instance the warning is away after a restart.

i will setup different bots for this now, thx for help :slight_smile: