[SOLVED] Telegram Bot issue

Good morning community,

I am currently integrating the Telegram Chat Action into my openHAB system.

But if I want to call the telegram JSON to get my chat ID, I get an empty array back.

I know at this point it des nothing to do with openHAB.

Many greetings and Merry Christmas already,

I had to try again and again and again and eventually I got the chat id…
Only advice so far

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ok you also did it with web browser or curl?

web browser

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Maybe i’m wrong, but i think you have to add the bot to a chat, and write one message (or write a Message in the private Chat with the bot)

Afterwards you will See the chat with the id there.


If you are on OpenHAB 2.5, I suggest to use the telegram binding.

no you are not wrong :smiley: now i have the chatid

Please tick the solution, thanks

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Nice one, I set mine up years ago and all I remembered was trying again and again until the chat id came up.

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I had the same Problem some years ago :laughing:

But this is even documanted in the old v1 binding description…

  1. Create the destination chat
  • Open a chat with your new Bot and send any message to it. The next step will not work unless you send a message to your bot first.
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ok thx @Vradatta now it works

See the (now updated) binding docs.

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Just fix it yourself (see link at the bottom).