[SOLVED] Telegram can't get chat id

Dear Everyone!

I want to implement Telegram so I can send push notifications to my phone.
I did everything, I have a bot now. However when I want to get the chat id of the bot I get (/getUpdates):


What I’m missing? Why this response is so empty?


It’s not easy
You will find the answer on telegram blogs and website
I struggled but I can’t remember how I did it
I remember getting the same json reply as you as then I googled
and googled and googled and tried many things until I found the answer
Sorry I can’t help more

It solved itself… I don’t know why.

I have sent another message to the bot (it was the 3rd or 4th message) and then every message got showed up…

Don’t know what happened but now it works…

That di not help.
I have sent many messages - but no change.
Just the short response “OK” true…