[SOLVED] The timeline widget remains empty

Hi, I’m trying to insert a timeline that takes into account the status of some contacts, but remains empty.
Contantti are simple OPEN / CLOSED contacts, frankly I don’t know if I have to set data persistence somewhere, at least when I created the items there was nothing to specify it.
Can you help me?

Yes you do

well, can you tell me where to do it or where to find information please?

Mamma Mia! it’s a nightmare!

I did almost everything from GUI, so all the items I want to monitor don’t have configuration files, sitemaps, guppi or anything, they’re just brutalemtne items thrown into the object list. I doubt that I could make it work even if, absurdly, I could configure the persistence service!


I think I’ll do without the timeline.

Thanks bye!

hi, i solved it.
I found these two articles online:


from the first I saw how to install the database and configure the server, on the other how to configure the binding with openhab and how to configure the service to create persistence groups.
At this point, from PaperUI it is sufficient to assign the item to a group to activate data persistence.

Very easy!

Thank you all, bye!