[SOLVED]Toggle Stateless buttons in openhab

Hi all,

Im looking to setup a toggle button within openhab, but button is a simple toggle button, it doesn’t need a state, just simply sends a command over MQTT each time its pressed, this is a setup for Previous and Next media player controls, both previous and next are different buttons*, is this possible?

A simple Mapping should do that:

Switch item=YourItem1 label="previous" mappings=[ON="prevoius"]
Switch item=YourItem2 label="next" mappings=[ON="next"]
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Is there a way i can remove this?

Solved my own question by adding [] to the label, so it now reads
Switch item=YourItem1 label=“previous []” mappings=[ON=“previous”]
Switch item=YourItem2 label=“next []” mappings=[ON=“next”]