[SOLVED] Too many errors in log then a crash. Stopping OH trying to connect to product

Hi All,

I have a problem with a product (LightwaveRF - Energy Monitor) which is sending an error to my openhab.log every few seconds, this then goes on to eventually crash OH. All other LightwaveRF products work perfectly so my hub is connected to the binding correctly.

I’ve tried to fix the error without success so my question is, can I get OH to ignore a product?

Further info:
Below is the problem I’m having for reference but if I can ignore it somehow that will be OK until fixing the error is possible.

I have the issue mentioned here. Lightwave RF energy monitor

The error:

[ERROR] [twaverf.internal.LightwaveRfWifiLink] - Error converting message: *!{"trans":72886,"mac":"20:30:18","time":1497600860,"pkt":"868R","fn":"meterData","prod":"pwrMtr","serial":"4193FE","type":"energy","cUse":2766,"todUse":6116}

My sitemap:

Text item=Energy_Current_Usage

My items:

Number Energy_Current_Usage "Mains usage: Current [%.1f W]" 	
{ lightwaverf="serial=4193FE,type=ENERGY_CURRENT_USAGE" }

I recommend filing an issue on the openhab-addons repo tagged with lightwave. I think the real fix is to handle that message but the binding developers will know better.

Many thanks for your reply, I’ll do as you mention. I’ve just unplugged the device for now.

Issue fixed, thanks for the advice.

Just posting here incase anyone lands on this page after searching for the LightwaveRF energy monitor issue.

This issue has now been fixed. Just put this jar into your “addons” folder https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vYheWfObP9X25kNk1wd2l4cWs/view